I got to go with Mama today.
She put Rexy into a boxy  thing
 with a see beyond door.
I've been in one of those.
Bigger of course.
We went somewhere and then
went back home without Rexy.
I'm glad it wasn't me.
I played with my friend today
He wanders around when his
Daddy is busy outside.
This is Zeppelin
We played next door with a ball
Mama brought over for us.

I like Zeppelin. We have fun.
This is Zeppelin's Daddy.
Zeppelin is good like me.
When we were done playing
Mama and I got into the go
places big box that Mama controls.
We went back on the lots of big boxes
road and drove to where Mama
left Rexy.
He smelled medicine-y and
was very quiet.
Mama has him in our sleeping
place all by himself right now.
I've had a big day.
I'm tired
The End.
PS: From Mama-Rexy had his teeth clean today-and went to the Vet in his carrying case. Cats must be anesthetized.

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