I was nervous that I had done
something wrong or against the
rules since Mama hadn't invited
me to blog.
She said sometime she doesn't
remember and that I could
remind her or ask. So I did.
and here I am.
I forgot what I am supposed
to do now.(?)
Oh yes, pictures.
Well, remember Reba?
I love her
She and her Mom came over
for lunch one day and
my Mama took pictures.
Here they are. 
I really did let her eat first.
I love looking at her
Isn't she beautiful!
Getting ready for lunch date 
This is where I get my nails done. 
This is Melanie
She clips my toe nails.
I hate it 
Now it's time for my bath! 
First, I try to ignore Mama-
then I hunker down real
low and maybe she'll
forget. She never forgets
once the water is on and the
mat is stuck down.
Finally she comes and
gets me.

Now I'm ready for my lunch date
with beautiful Reba and
I love her!  So there!




I thought that I wanted to Blog.
I don't know how to start.
But what if I get it wrong?
What if I make a mistake?

I watched Mama and Rexy blog.
They were having fun.
Now I'm scared.

Mama said to start with
the friends I know. My dog friends.
So here I go.

This is Reba.
Mama says that she is my girlfriend.
I don't know what that means.
She smells good.
When I go visit her, she bounces all around.
Up and down, all excited.
I just put my head down and stand real still
until she stops. Then we go play.